0897 What Network? what network is 0897? But, don’t worry, we are here to help you identify if a 0897 prefix number belongs to SmartGlobeSun Cellular , TNT, or the DITO.

The network number that you search 0897 is Dito Telecomunity.

DITO Telecommunity Corporation is the newest major telecommunication provider in the Philippines with over 1086+ employees. DITO Telecommunity provides a world-class fast, affordable, and secure telecommunication service. The main aim of DITO Telecommunity is to provide high-quality mobile connectivity and internet services to its customers.

The Old name of DITO Telecommunity is known as a Mindanao Islamic Telephone company and it will be re-launched in 2021, changing its name to DITO Telecommunity. In the Philippines, DITO is the third major telecommunication provider that covers 12 million subscribers. In 2021 DITO Telecommunity generated P2.19 billion but in the previous year, 2022 DITO Telecommunity earned P7.28 billion.

How To Purchase DITO Telecommunity Load Online?

Method 1:

The first way, to purchase a plan is simply to download their official APP for Android and IOS.

Method 2:

The second way, is simply you go there official website to buy a plan.

Method 3:

The third way is to open your payment app, such as GCash or PayMaya.

Next, you select the option” Buy Load ”. Choose “ DITO Telecommunity ” as your network provider after selecting a plan that you want to use then enter the desired load amount and your DITO mobile number.

How to Check Your DITO Load Balance?

Via Mobile APP

  1. Download the DITO Official application from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Enter your DITO number and put the OPT number that you receive.
  3. You will log into your DITO account and you see the app dashboard that gives you the information about your plan subscription.

Via Mobile Device

  1. Just simply send SMS BAL to 185.
  2. You will receive details about your load.

What is a Mobile Prefix?

A mobile prefix is the first four or a few numbers in the mobile network that help identify the mobile network. For example, in the Philippines, DITO Telecommunity uses different prefixes like 0992, 0992 etc. 

What is the Area Code in the Philippines?

When it comes to mobile numbers in the Philippines, there is only one area +63 code that is recognized across the world. +63 is the area code is used by all mobile phones in the Philippines.

More DITO Telecommunity Mobile Prefixes

Here are some DITO Telecommunity Mobile Prefixes:

0991 what network , 0992 what network0993 what network , 0994 what network0895 what network , 0896 what network , 0898 what network

Conclusion of 0897 What Network:

0897 globe or smart? what network 0897? To conclude, the 0897 network prefix is registered to the DITO network.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is DITO still fast?

Yes, the DITO is fast in Cebu.

What is the strongest network in the Philippines?

Smart, is the strongest network in the Philippines

Why choose DITO?

Value for money. DITO provides its customers fast and strong internet connectivity, DITO offers affordable data promo for its customers.

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