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What is Mobile Prefix Numbers in Philippines

A mobile number prefix is the digits that determine the SIM card issued by which telecom provider in the Philippines. Most mobile number prefixes are different because of that telecom provider. For example, in the Philippines, Globe Telecom uses different prefixes like 0954 what network philippines , 0955 what network philippines etc.

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Globe Telecom Prefix

Many people search on Google: What Network Smart or Globe? what network philippines ? Here you will know and easily learn the all globe network prefixes with updated information of a globe communication promos. Globe Network is the second-largest network in the Philippines that gives good connectivity and internet to its customers at reasonable prices.

The majority of the people in the Philippines use the globe network due to its good service to its customers. Globe Communication also provides the cheapest promos to its subscribers. For example, one data promo of a globe network is: In 250 php you will get 15 GB of data.

Dito Telecom Prefix

Most people don’t know about the DITO network prefix and they want to know about the DITO Prefix. Here you will learn about the DITO prefix and you will know up-to-date information about DITO Promos.

Other networks like Smart, Globe, TNT, and SUN has many numbers of prefixes but the DITO network has only 8 Mobile number prefix which makes it easy to know and understand which one prefix is a DITO prefix.

Also, the DITO network has good data promos. For example, one promo is the DITO 99 Promo. In this promo, you will get unlimited internet data which is about 55GB with a good speed.

SUN Cellular Prefix

In the Philippines, there are many different numbers of prefixes like the 0917 globe prefix, 0919 smart prefix, and 0991 DITO prefix. So, SUN Cellular Network has a prefix that determines it’s a Sun cellular network. Here you will know about all SUN Cellular network prefixes.

SUN Cellular provides a world-class fast, affordable, and secure telecommunication service. There are at least 15+ mobile prefixes that are being registered and used in the Philippines. The main aim of SUN Cellular is to provide high-quality mobile connectivity and internet services to its customers.

SUN Cellular also provides the best promos to its customers at reasonable prices. For example, one promo is: In PHP 99 you will get a 2GB Data+1GB for YouTube for 7 days.

TNT Prefix

Many people think that TNT is a separate network but TNT and Smart are the same company but have a different network name. Let me explain when Smart Communication started in 2000 had only one name Smart but later Smart Communication made another name for a sim network like TNT that works under a smart network.

Talk ‘N Text covers 16 million subscribers and provides the best services to its customers in the Philippines. Talk ‘N Text has 13 prefixes in its network.

The promos of the TNT network are good and affordable for everyone’s. Talk ‘N Text provides many promos for its customers like TNT SURFSAYA FB 20 Promo, TNT SURFSAYA ML 20 Promo, and TNT SURFSAYA FB+ML 30 Promo. For more information about the promo, you can go to TNT prefixes and see promo details. 

Smart Communication Prefix

There is so many prefixes is Philippines but smart network has a 19 Prefixes. Some Common prefixes is 0947 what network, 0949 what network.

In the rapidly evolving digital age, a Smart Network is emerging as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way we connect, communicate, and collaborate. As technology continues to advance, Smart Networks are poised to undergo further enhancements and innovations. The integration of 5G technology will further enhance the speed and connectivity of Smart Networks, enabling faster data transfer and reducing latency.


Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, and TNT stand out as the top choices, offering dependable service and cost-effective packages.

Smart excels in internet connectivity, especially in urban areas, while Globe is favored for its affordable calling and messaging rates.

There's no set limit for SIM card registration; however, each SIM must be registered individually under the user's name.

Terminated Globe Prepaid SIM cards cannot be reactivated, requiring users to purchase a new SIM Pack for continued service.

Upgrade your old 2G/3G Globe SIM to LTE/5G effortlessly, without the need for a one-time PIN (OTP).

To deactivate a SIM card, contact your service provider, call customer care, and provide necessary identification details for verification.

Explore Globe Prepaid's exclusive 5G offers: Go5G 99 (3 days), Go5G 199 (7 days), and Go5G 299 (15 days) for uninterrupted high-speed mobile data.

As of now, 105 cities in the Philippines enjoy widespread 5G network coverage, a significant increase from the previous year, with all major telecom providers actively expanding their 5G networks nationwide.

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