0940 What Network
0940 What Network? 0940 What Network Philippines?

0940 What Network? what network is 0940? But, don’t worry, we are here to help you identify if a 0940 prefix number belongs to SmartGlobeSun CellularTNT, or the DITO.

The 0940 network Prefix is registered with Sun Cellular in the Philippines.

Sun Cellular is the best mobile telecommunications company in the Philippines. SUN Cellular provides a world-class fast, affordable, and secure telecommunication service.SUN Cellular is the biggest telecom provider in the Philippines. The main aim of SUN Cellular is to provide high-quality mobile connectivity and internet services to its customers. There are at least 15+ mobile prefixes that are being registered and operated by SUN Cellular in the Philippines. SUN Cellular is a good telecom provider in the Philippines with over 390+ employees.

How to Purchase SUN Cellular Load Online?

To purchase a SUN Cellular load online: Download COINSPH is an official APP for Android and iOS users.

How to Check Your SUN Cellular Load Balance?

Via Mobile Device

  1. First dial *221#.
  2. Girl Voice will inform you about your existing SUN Cellular load balance including the expiration date.

Via SUN Cellular Website

  1. First, go to their official website for the process.
  2. Second, log in to your active SUN Cellular Mobile Number.
  3. Third, you will see the complete information about your load.

What is a Mobile Prefix?

A mobile prefix is the first four or a few numbers in the mobile network that help identify the mobile network. For example, in the Philippines, SUN Cellular uses different prefixes like 0924, 0925, etc. 

What is the Area Code in the Philippines?

When it comes to mobile numbers in the Philippines, there is only one area +63 code that is recognized across the world. +63 is the area code used by all mobile phones in the Philippines.

Conclusion of 0940 What Network:

0940 What Network? what network is 0940? To conclude, the 0940 network prefix is registered to the SUN Cellular network.

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